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Amazing stuff CUCC's youth have done this summer

Youth met for Sunday School most Sundays this Summer.

We held BYC Summer Youth Camp online.

We have had two youth-led worship services this summer and there's still one more coming on August 30.

Youth and children have participated in many worship services this summer, as readers, liturgists, videographers, etc.

We completed our Confirmation Course and five youth were confirmed on August 16.  

Our Youth Choir met through June and will meet again to plan remote rehearsals and compilations for Advent and Christmas.

Our Youth Group has met twice on the church grounds with safe social distancing. 

Our Youth Group made interactive racial justice signs that invite the community to stand up and speak up.

We held an intergenerational VBS series and three youth provided leadership for it. 

We had a Bingo Game on Zoom with 17 youth and 2 adults.

We celebrated Zenna's high school graduation.

If you have questions about how teens in your committee can become part of the CUCC Youth Group, contact Śānti Matthews at