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Pray for our youth as they prepare for confirmation this Sunday

Confirmation is this Sunday!

What a joy! Five amazing youth have been immersed in the confirmation process since November 2019, have completed the course, and are choosing to be confirmed this Sunday. Please be in prayer for Ian Burkhardt, Tess Cobeland, Afton Eckard, Josephine Thomas, and Samuel Thomas as they prepare to share their expressions of faith. And please come to worship this Sunday to support and welcome them.  

The class was facilitated by Bill Bryan and Śānti Matthews and also received support and leadership from Pastor Lacey Brown. This group has shared in countless discussions and activities, including an early spring retreat which they got to enjoy two weeks before we all had to start sheltering at home. This bright group of youth is especially committed to deep questions. They have learned much about their own unique faith journeys and shared their experiences generously with each other. They have deepened their personal relationships with God, grown in their understanding of our Christian and UCC heritage, and are ready to fully claim their part in our church community. Praise God!

- submitted by Śānti Matthews, Youth and Adult Education Coordinator,