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CUCC hosts group which wins international award

CUCC congratulates Citizens Climate Lobby on being awarded the Keeling Curve Prize.  CUCC hosts CCL's Triangle Chapter every month (or, we do when the building is open).  Meanwhile, they meet virtually every month and you are invited to attend and be part of their work (second Saturdays, noon-2).

Here is more about this prestigious prize from their press release:
The 2020 Keeling Curve Prize, named for Charles Keeling, the scientist who started charting the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in 1958, was awarded to Citizens’ Climate and nine other organizations Monday evening.
“We are thrilled to see our efforts honored in this way,” Citizens’ Climate Executive Director Mark Reynolds said. “Our staff and volunteers are working hard every day to make climate change a bridge between our two major political parties. Ultimately, we intend to support passage of the major, lasting, bipartisan policies required to reduce emissions and preserve a livable world. The prize money will help bring that vision to reality.”
CCL was one of two organizations awarded the $25,000 prize in the category of Social & Cultural Pathways. The prize is administered by the Global Warming Mitigation Project, which conducts a worldwide search for accomplished, scalable solutions with significant potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or increase carbon uptake.

- submitted by Jane Smith for CUCC's Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force,