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Dear "iPhone,"

Who are you and, more importantly, where did you go?

On Sunday you appeared in the Zoom Waiting Room for 10:30 worship.  With your generic name I didn't recognize you.  Did you see my message asking you to get in touch?  Were you too shy to call me?  All of the sudden you vanished, a mystery.

I am sad to think I scared you away like a skittering chipmunk when you came to our worship door.

Get in touch so we can open the doors wide to let you in.  Worship wasn't the same without you.


PS  A reminder to CUCCers:  Do invite your friends, neighbors, co-workers, family to join you for worship or other events at CUCC.  A personal invitation may be just what someone needs right now.  Just give me a heads up so I will recognize them and invite them into the worship space.  (And remember, don't share the zoom info with people you don't know, or put it on your social media.)