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How can CUCC become carbon neutral? Help!

As you know, much of climate change comes from our fossil fuel use.  These fuels put CO2 (sometimes just called “carbon”) into the atmosphere.   To decrease climate change, we must decrease this carbon generation.

One of the 2020 goals of the Justice in a Changing Climate task force is “to seek a strategy for CUCC to become carbon neutral”, that is: a strategy to eliminate the carbon we put in the atmosphere.   (Our solar panels, composting and energy efficiency put us well on our way!)

Our first meeting to discuss and plan this strategy will be by Zoom on Tuesday, May 26, at 7:30 PM.

We would love to have broad congregational input into the strategy and implementation.

Please contact Gary Smith (Email: if you would like to participate in this first meeting.

God bless our work together
Gary Smith,
for the JCC