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Sign a petition asking for cash bail bond reform

Just Show Up electronically to support bail bond reform.

Please sign this petition from the ACLU asking for bail bond reform.  Sign here

Last fall CUCC voted as a congregation that we want to see bail bond reform because ...
in North Carolina, 86% of the people in our jails haven’t been convicted of a crime,
poverty or being a person of color are a much better predictors of pretrial jail than is guilt of a crime,
and people in pretrial jail lose jobs, family, lives.

Now, the COVID-19 pandemic has given us another reason why we need to reform our bail bond system.  People in jail and prisons are getting sick and dying for no fault of their own.

Our state's money bail system is broken and corrupt. No one's freedom should depend on their bank account balance. We urgently need a new system that restores fairness and justice to the process.

We must do what we can to change the system.
Right now, you can take a step.  Sign this bail bond reform petition 

God’s blessings.
Do Justice Ministry

Cash bail bond reform contacts:  Bill Gretsch, Adrienne Little, Gary Smith