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Do Justice from home: influence Wake transit plan

Influence Wake transit into the future:  The FY21 Recommended Wake Transit Work Plan is available for review!   Review the plan here   Submit comments here

The 30-day public comment period will run from May 15 to June 14. Feedback received will be considered by the CAMPO Executive Board and the GoTriangle Board of Trustees prior to the plan’s adoption.

A letter from Go Forward

Dear Community Partners,

In January, the TPAC held a public review and comment period on a draft transit work plan for fiscal year 2021 that listed $114.2 million in proposed investments. Find a news release about those investments here.

Because efforts to curb the coronavirus pandemic are expected to significantly affect many kinds of tax collections, the Wake County Transit Planning Advisory Committee is recommending that most new Wake Transit improvements proposed for fiscal year 2021 be delayed until available revenues can be better assessed later this year.

The TPAC used feedback from January and weighed a project’s time sensitivity and riders’ most pressing needs, among other criteria, to recommend what should move forward in July.
The projects recommended to proceed include the next steps in developing the New Bern Avenue bus rapid transit corridor, additional bus service on GoRaleigh’s Route 21 and two projects associated with the Community Funding Area program.


• More frequent bus service
• Bus stop improvements
• GoWake ACCESS trips
• Bus Rapid Transit planning and design
• Greater Triangle Commuter Rail Study
• Youth GoPass
• Free Fare for Seniors
The projects moved to the “unbudgeted reserve” category include a GoRaleigh route package serving Glenwood Avenue, GoTriangle expansion of Route 305 to all-day service and planning and construction of transit centers, bus stops and park and ride lots.

Action recommended by
Adrienne Little who represents CUCC's Do Justice Ministry at Congregations for Social Justice meetings.  (Contact info for Adrienne in Breeze)