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Eagle Scout project completed

The children’s garden next to the Dixie Trail parking lot has a brand-new wooden border!  Boy Scout Dillon Capots volunteered to replace the crumbling wood, free of charge, as a part of his Eagle Scout candidacy.

Dillon, members of his troop and several adult volunteers spent a long, hot Saturday removing the old border, carefully installing two layers of stained 4x4 lumber, and filling the new enclosure with top soil and compost.  They also built a small box for the children to store their gardening tools.  “Before” and “after” photos show the noticeable change to that area.

The children admire
their renewed garden
on Memorial Day
The children are delighted that their garden is ready and there was an American flag that we guess the Boy Scout left for Memorial Day. It was very appropriate since the children came into Sunday School talking about the soldiers who have given their lives for our country all the way back to the war for independence. It was a very moving day to be with the children and hear how respectful and grateful they are. Better than any “lesson” could have been.

Many thanks to Dillon and Troop 352!