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Commissioning Those Going to BYC - Sunday, June 30

This Sunday, the 10 youth and 3 adults will be leaving for BYC (Baptist Youth Camp)
If you can't make it to church this Sunday, please say a prayer for the ones going that they have a wonderful and deep experience next week.

Commissioning Those Going to BYC - Introduction of Campers:
Maya, Breiy, Sophie, Zenna, Jocelyn, Hannah, Xavier, Sylas, Jake, Mason, Bill, Susan  

Sending Prayer:
Gracious God, we pray that in their camp experience, these youth and adults will create a community of inclusion, hospitality, and hope for all participants to grow in their identity as your beloved people. We pray that they will have opportunities to open themselves to your presence, to experience you, and to deepen their knowledge of you in their lives. And we pray for their safe return to us that they might bring their transformative experiences home, so that we might all know you more fully and better recognize and celebrate our own community as one that is rooted and grounded in love. Amen