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Oil lamp reminds us to pray for pastor, search committee

The deacons have placed a Dancing Flame pottery oil lamp on the communion table to remind the congregation to pray for the search committee and for the new pastor that was being drawn to us. We will give the oil lamp to our settled pastor once the call is answered.

The lamp was made by June Keener Wink.  June and her husband, Walter Wink, were both on the faculty at Auburn Theological Seminary in New York City.  Walter wrote many books on non-violence and justice, and he and June conducted many workshops on those topics around the world, including in South Africa during apartheid.  June is also an accomplished potter and dancer.  In light of the many members of the congregation past and present who have worked for peace, reconciliation and non-violence, it is very appropriate that we are using June’s Dancing Flame oil lamp to light the way for our congregation and new minister.

- submitted by Jim Smith, Deacons Ministry Chair