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Remembering Erling Gamble

Erling Gamble
We thank God for the life of Erling Gamble who passed away July 21.

Erling and his wife Polly were part of our predecessor, United Church, in the days when there was no Meeting for the Society of Friends in Raleigh.  While Erling and Polly were never members of CUCC, they remained connected through friendship.  More recently, Anne Moorman-Smith led our carolers to sing at their home some Advent seasons; Polly (and sometimes Erling) attended retirees events.

We offer our condolences to Erling's family.

You may read more about Erling's life and legacy here and here.

A memorial service will be held in the manner of Friends at 11:00AM Saturday, September 14, at the Raleigh Friends Meeting House, 625 Tower Street.