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A devotional for our collective study

Dear friends,

I hope this email finds you healthy and of positive spirit. During this incredibly challenging time, the deacons and I hope to send regular emails to all congregants at our church. Each of these emails will reference a devotional for our collective study.

Here is a really neat meditation, A Jar of Oil by Rachel Hackenberg, which reminds us to do the best we can during this awful pandemic. May we strive to understand the myriad ways God is calling us throughout this crisis. May we remain unified, loving, passionate and compassionate during this difficult time!

Peace be with you,

Paul Atkinson
Chair, Deacons Ministry

[A note from Jane Smith: Want to discuss this devotional with others?  Bring it up at a CUCC Cafe or Life and Faith (April 7) or on our Facebook page - all open to anyone, anywhere.]