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Photos and stories from CUCCCC2020 confirmation retreat

The CUCC Confirmation Class (CUCCCC2020) shared a great retreat this past weekend. We worked on the theme WE BELONG TO EACH OTHER. We explored the book of Acts, chapters 1-2 and learned about how the early Christians worked to form community. How’d we do that?

We successfully escaped the “Dark Room” at 5280 Raleigh Live Escape Games.
We studied and learned together.
We played murder games.
We formed a drum circle.
We prayed.
We shared good food (including cupcakes!)
We rescued a cat named Nugget.
We watched Kung Fu Panda 3.
We rested.
We journaled.
We wrote a group statement of faith.
We shared in a blessing ritual.

Yeah, we had a lot in common with the early Christians, and we can prove it:
Acts 2:42-47, as interpreted by the CUCCCC2020 (each participant re-wrote a line)

“They learned, had fun, ate together, and prayed. Everyone got super jazzed because the members were doing incredible things. All were together and shared everything. They shared everything evenly. Every day they enjoyed each other’s familiar presence and ate together, celebrating God and each other. And God added more.”