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Virtual Church - Worship tomorrow!

Dear friends,

Among the things this moment is inspiring us to do is to be the church differently, to be creative resisters of Covid-19. To that end, we are starting our virtual church journey. At 11 AM (approximately) on Sunday morning (March 15), a virtual worship service will be made available at this address: Those who would like to worship "together" should gather at noon and you may follow along and participate. If you miss this opportunity, you may view the service later as it will remain in place at this location and on the Sermons page.

**Some Tips for Watching Our Service**

- The bulletin was sent in an email to you. The announcements are, of course, wrong because many events are now either replaced by a virtual event or cancelled.  The CUCC Calendar on our website is correct..

During worship, open the bulletin (pdf) and look through it as you usually do. If you need a free pdf viewer, you may download it here.

- Note the announcements and prayer concerns. For the most updated news, see the CUCC Weekly eNews.

- As you watch the service, participate as you usually do. For example, stand for the Call to Worship and other elements of the service where there is an asterisk (*). And join in the congregational responses written in bold print.

- In the future, we will try to include more music content for you to follow. Here is a link to the New Century Hymnal. For now, enjoy the music or sing along if you know the music.

- Be creative! Pass the peace through a prayer or just by thinking of the faces of those who sit near you on a typical Sunday. You may wish to have a bible near you to read along or you may wish to listen intently to the readings.

While the church does not live by money alone, we depend on your support for our continued ministry and mission. Utilize one of the following ways to participate during the offering:

- Click on Donate / Pledge on the CUCC website 

- Click on Give Now in Breeze

- Text your gift to (919) 888-4541. Just text the amount you wish to give (for example, 50) to that number and follow the instructions you receive to finalize your offering.

- Write a check and send to 814 Dixie Trail Raleigh, NC 27607. The virus cannot spread by mail.

If you have prayer concerns or other announcements that you would like included in next week’s bulletin, please contact the office. 

**Other News**

In addition to the worship service, watch for invitations to join your weekly groups and meetings by way of Zoom.

Here is one invitation! Sign up for Tables for 6

And Jane S. And Susan A. are working on even more ways for us to connect in this moment. We give thanks for them!  If you have ideas for ways we can serve and support one another virtually in the days ahead, contact Jane

**Do you need help with Zoom?**
You need to download Zoom on your computer or phone before you can join a meeting.
Instructionsfor downloading Zoom

A Zoom hosted event is called a "meeting" which you join with a meeting ID number we will give you.

We know this is an unusual time. As the people of God, we are capable of fully leaning into it. We will playfully and prayerfully work at being Community in this time. Please be kind to yourselves. As we move into his stressful and tiresome time, we are bound to find ourselves all too human. Follow-up acts of self-kindness with acts of other-kindness, making any apologies and asking for forgiveness. Most of all, please keep in touch with us. You can find our numbers in Breeze, and you can always contact the Church Office. We will be in touch with you in the days ahead.


Pastors Carol and Tony