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Service we can do now - families and individuals

The marvelous thing about the million jobs needed to keep CUCC's grounds and buildings safe and welcoming is that we can work alone or in family groups.  Don't let cabin fever and weeks off from school get you down; sign up for one of these jobs by contacting Merrilee Jacobson  She will provide you with supplies and instructions.

Cut down two trees at south end of Wade Ave. parking lot and move Pastor Cally’s tree to that area

Mulch area around Pastor Jenny’s tree

Touch up paint on ceiling of VFH along window wall (parking lot side)

Paint library, now that cracks have been sealed / seal crack in drywall in ceiling and paint

Stain roof of jungle gym and playhouse as well as condenser enclosure

Clean out drains in Dixie Trail parking lot (by grapevine), outside of boiler room and outside of “front door” to FH

Fill gap at top of dishwasher in kitchen

Clean gutters that don’t have LeafGuard coverings

Move pine straw to pathways

Pick up limbs and pine cones

Wipe out stoves or set to “self-clean”

Fix broken concrete at top of stairs leading to Wade Ave.

Install insulated door in back of Pilgrim House (conference room area)

Weeding/pruning around property

Remove mold from sanctuary wall behind altar cross / fix drywall tape and repaint wall

Patch cracks in PH “living/dining” rooms and paint walls

Touch up paint in kitchen