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This week's opportunities to be "together" virtually

New opportunities keep popping up every day, so keep checking the CUCC Online Calendar.  Everything you need to know about joining these events is found in the description on the calendar.  If you like to have a printed calendar, print this post (after you click READ MORE).

March 18, 2020 edition
Saturday, March 21
Table for 6 - dinner

Sunday, March 22
Entering the Passion
Virtual worship and Fellowship?
Healing Conversations
Youth Group
Do Justice Ministry
Table for 6 - dinner

Tuesday, March 24
Table for 6 - dinner

Wednesday, March 25
Tables for 6 - breakfast and lunch
Confirmation Class
Stewardship Ministry Check In

Other important news in this edition
March SIS is cancelled
Service we can do now - families and individuals
What will you donate to the CUCC Annual Auction?
CUCC Movie Fellowship Group
Update on Lenten Spiritual Practice Saturdays

Deadline to submit information for the eNews or Sunday Announcements is Tuesday, 9AM.  Send to and to (yes, both places), including the name and contact information of someone at CUCC who can answer questions about your event.