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In-person events transforming into virtual connection

CUCC's Council is leading the way in exploring ways for us to continue to meet for worship, Lenten practices, and friendship.  In the coming days you will hear about live streaming, Zoom fellowship gatherings, and a variety of formats for meeting for mission and study.  If you have friends in the community who are feeling isolated or whose congregations are not able to "go virtual," please invite them to join you at these events.

If you would like to participate but all of this "virtual" stuff is new to you, contact the church office and we will connect you with someone who can walk you through it by phone.

If you have experience using virtual gathering tools, why not offer to mentor-by-phone someone who is new to the technology?  Contact Jane Smith to offer to help.  We promise not to swamp you with work!

Meanwhile, keep an eye on CUCC's online calendar.  As "virtual" gathering opportunities are planned, they will appear there.  The event description will tell you how to join the gathering.