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In this week’s CUCC Weekly eNews

Welcome!  The people of CUCC invite you to participate in our life together.

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March 4, 2020 edition
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New hearing assistive devices

Online conversations
Sermon+ question for "Absolute Dependence"

Upcoming events at CUCC
Movie Night March 6
Schedule your time to donate blood at CUCC March 7
Register for Better Angels workshop by March 8
St. Patrick’s Day Tuesday Night Supper  RSVP by March 10
Healing Conversations:  Life Transitions RSVP by March 11
St. Patrick's Day church-wide supper  March 17
Save the date for the 8th Annual Church-Wide Outdoor Event and Camp-out
Save the date  CUCC Better than Average Auction May 16
Spiritual Practices for Strengthening Our Core

Celebrating with each other
Photos and stories from CUCCCC2020 confirmation retreat

A CUCC group recommends these community events
Spread the word – faith leaders “how to” on counting everyone in the 2020 census
Ride the bus with Nancy to the Poor People’s Assembly in DC

Deadline to submit information for the eNews or Sunday Announcements is Tuesday, 9AM.  Send to and to (yes, both places), including the name and contact information of someone at CUCC who can answer questions about your event.