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Tables for 6 - sign up here by March 19

When my dad lived in Maryland, Gary and I would join him for dinner every so often, him in Maryland and us in Raleigh.  We'd fill our plates, pour a glass of wine (sometimes Dad would light candles and put on jazz!), and gather around our respective computers.  Whether we used Skype or Facetime, fairly quickly we would forget we were not in the same room, sharing stories of our week, laughing, and having deeper conversations.

In this COVID-19 time when face-to-face conversation is not advised, let's use the magic of online meeting tools to gather in small groups for fellowship.  Let's chase away loneliness with friendship and share a meal as Jesus often did with those who followed him.

Our experiment starts this week.  We have five "Tables" planned for next week - a breakfast, a lunch, and three dinners - spread throughout the week.  Sign up for one that suits you before this Thursday night, March 19.  By email we'll send you directions for how you can "join" your table using Zoom.  Bring your food to your computer and settle in for up to an hour of friendship and conversation with five others from CUCC.  Please sign up with a spirit of adventure - you know how technology can be....

Sign up for a Table for 6 here

If none of the available time slots works for you, contact Susan A or Jane.  We'll know to add another seating in the future (if Tables for 6 is a success and we schedule another round).

This Lenten Spiritual Practice is presented by Welcoming and Fellowship Ministry.  Contacts are  Susan Atkinson or Jane Smith

- submitted by Jane Smith