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A (COVID) moment with Megan - June 18

On a regular basis, Council Moderator Megan Fackler-Bretz will answer your questions about CUCC’s ongoing response to the pandemic and share emerging guidance from the “Path Forward” taskforce. 

This week, I’m focusing on issues raised at the June 7 congregational meeting.  Please send new questions and suggestions to so that I can address them in future postings.

What metrics are we following to assess when we can again meet in-person?
The “Path Forward” taskforce has recommended that we continue with online worship services and events until COVID-19 infections have dropped steadily for 30 days in the Triangle. You can check on the state’s progress here.

Are outdoor services and/or events a safe possibility?
Currently, outdoor events are limited to 10 people who wear masks and practice social distancing. When the 30-day metric is met, the taskforce will look at options for expanding in-person meetings. 

Are we in touch with people who have not joined any of the virtual services, groups or events?
Many of our congregation’s small groups are in touch with members who have not participated online. Pastor Lacey and the Deacons are also touching base with members who are not involved in worship or other CUCC activities.  If you’re aware of a need for support, please contact Pastor Lacey at

Who is currently accessing our buildings? 
A small number of people access our buildings to keep CUCC running smoothly.  They include our janitor, who cleans three mornings a week; our treasurer and assistant treasurer, who pay bills and collect mailed contributions; Pastor Lacey; Merrilee Jacobson, Property Ministry chairperson, who checks the buildings for maintenance needs; and our organist Doug Barrick and videographer Sophie Flynn, who record music for Sunday services.