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What Makes a Sustainable Community and Why it Matters?

Friends:  I hope you will join me on June 30 at 6:30 PM for a meeting with Interfaith Creation Care of the Triangle of which CUCC is a part.  The discussion sounds good. 

Read more about the June 30 event here

I am most excited that Jarred White is on the panel.  He is a young man trying to increase the connection of black farmers with customers and churches.  I hope he gets the chance to discuss it.

The event will be a discussion on how we can all work together to make our communities more sustainable in the long term and resilient in the face of both natural and economic disasters. The discussion will center on sustainability in a community context, how it affects people, the climate, and the economy, and why it is the best approach for our long term wellbeing as interdependent individuals and communities.

An important question for the evening is “How can we use principles of sustainability to foster environmental justice and the wellbeing of all?” 

Contact Gary Smith for more information

For the Justice in a Changing Climate task force
Gary Smith