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Faithfully Uncomfortable 21-day journey begins July 4 - sign up today

There are ideas for children,
youth and their families, too.
We are inviting you during this 21-day journey to choose one thing to watch, listen to, read or do each day from the resources found on this LINK. Faithfully Uncomfortable is an opportunity to learn about racial injustice and imagine racial equity by focusing on reading, watching, and listening to a variety of sources.  You choose the resources that interest you.

How to sign up
Once you have looked at these resources and decided to participate, please
  1. fill out the contact info on the Faithfully Uncomfortable site and 
  2. fill out this Google Form or send a message to Megan Fackler Bretz at by July 4, 2020. 
While you journey - Two opportunities to discuss
After worship on July 12 and August 2 you may join others at CUCC who are taking this challenge to discuss what you are learning during your 21 days.  We will send you the Zoom meeting information after you sign up on CUCC's form.

Westminster Presbyterian Church in Greensboro has designed this excellent opportunity and resource list. The resources here were adapted from other lists. This is just the beginning of our journey, but it is a place to start. Charles Coble brought this resource to other church members and there seemed to be interest in participating. What a  great opportunity for the people of CUCC!

If we get at least seven participants, we will contact Westminster Presbyterian Church in order to add CUCC’s name to the list of participating congregations.

If you are a planner, or need a “due date”, you can keep in mind a  loose end date of July 25th.  This is an opportunity that you can tailor to what you need and want to discover. You can determine when your 21 days start, but please keep a record of what you’ve experienced and what you want to share.

Thank you for considering this opportunity.

For more information, please visit Faithfully Uncomfortable

If you have questions, contact Charles Coble or Dawn Koonce of our Community Outreach ministry.