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Opportunity still open: Offer your story At Home with CUCC

May we  “visit” your home via Zoom and learn about what you are doing to thrive in this time of exile? If your household would host a 15 minute slot on one of our three VBS Wednesday nights please contact Santi Matthews at by Sunday, July 5.

How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?  During this time of exile, of COVID, and of racial justice, how have you managed to “sing the Lord’s song?”

  • Have you planted gardens and eaten what they produce? Have you tried a new recipe?
  • Are you seeking the welfare of the city where you are in exile? Have you sewn masks? Have you protested against racism?
  • What are you doing for fun? Are you playing a new game or practicing an artform?
  • How are you nurturing your spiritual growth?
  • Are there lessons or new patterns of living that you want to hold onto and could share with others in our faith community?

Please indicate whether your sharing falls most naturally under the category of:
  • Fellowship (games, storytelling, etc.)
  • Education (teaching a lesson on gardening, cooking, art, etc. )
  • Service (sharing how you are giving/serving... “seeking the welfare of the city.”)
We hope to have one of each category on each of the three Wednesday nights.