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Help provide groceries or meals for a friend in sanctuary in Raleigh

Eliseo Jimenez has been in sanctuary at Umstead Park UCC since October 2017!  CUCC members have helped host Eliseo almost since the beginning.  He is a wonderful man in a horrible situation.

We now have opportunities to help in two new ways.  Both are in rotations with other committed group:

  • Shop for his weekly groceries.  CUCC can have a slot in the 7 week rotation starting after July 27 to purchase groceries for Eliseo and bring them to him.
  • Drop off a meal or take-out on Saturdays.  This is just starting.  Eliseo’s two children are usually with him on the weekends, so this would provide a lovely meal for the family together.

If you are interested in being part of either of these opportunities (or other ways to help Eliseo), please contact Gary Smith (

From CUCC's Do Justice Ministry