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2 weeks still open - tend the garden, feed our neighbors

Dear CUCC friends,

I planted the children's Plant a Row for the Hungry garden over Memorial Day weekend. The children and their families are taking turns tending the garden and there are a few more weeks available for anyone who would like to sign up (schedule below).

You and your family can sign up to tend the garden for a week or more this summer. This will include watering, picking the veggies, delivering them to Logan's and emailing me the total pounds. I will post the schedule and update everyone as we add to our total pounds.  Get directions to Logan's

I am excited that we can stay in touch by working together to continue our efforts to feed the hungry through Plant A Row for the Hungry.

Email me to sign up and I will add you to the calendar.

When you deliver the veggies to Logan's just take them to the cashier and tell them they are for Plant a Row from CUCC. They will weigh them and give you the total which you can email to me. I always have them weighed all together as mixed veggies rather than breaking them down.

Hoping we can provide lots of food this summer!

June 8-14 Anne Bailey
June 15-21  Carol Clark
June 22-28   Bronwen, RuthAnn, Fawn, Grady
June 29-July 5   George, Conley, Libby, Jason
July 6-12   Cyrus, Lola, Ella, Laurel, Richard
July 13-19 Bronwen, RuthAnn, Fawn, Grady
July 20-26  Carol Clark
July 27-August 2
August 3-9

Anne Bailey Zschau, Children's Education Coordinator