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Rev. Mandy England Cole to preach this Sunday

We welcome Rev. Mandy England Cole to the pulpit this Sunday, June 21, while Pastor Lacey is moving.

Mandy lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband and their three sons.  She enjoys baking, being outdoors, and playing ukulele.  Professionally, she spends energy writing educational resources for Shine (a Mennonite publication), and, serving as a guest preacher and teacher.  She served as Senior Pastor of Ginter Park Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia from 2013 through 2018.  Those years were challenging and meaningful as she led them through significant transitions including the sale of their property and the relocation of the church.  Before this, she served as one of the pastors of Sardis Baptist Church in Charlotte and as seminarian at Grace Baptist Church, Richmond.  She is a graduate of Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond and of Meredith College.