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At Home with Community UCC - July 22

The next two Wednesdays 6-7PM
Online Intergenerational Vacation Bible School
Zoom info in your Saturday worship email or contact

During this time of exile, wouldn’t you like to “visit” the homes of some of your church friends?
Well you can!
You’ve been invited!

We hope you “visited” last week, but either way, don’t miss this week and next!
Join the Zoom event this coming Wednesday, July 22 and visit with friends including…
Bill Lamb and Erik Burkhardt
The Covington Family
Bill Gretsch
The Mayorga/Myers Family

Learn a little about the Biblical story of Exile and how it relates to our own experiences these days. We, too, feel we have been cast into a strange and foreign land. How do we keep the faith, maintain hope, invest in new beginnings, believe in and celebrate our connection to God?

Learn about what your church friends are doing to cope, to share, and to have fun in this, our time of exile.

We’ll visit four more homes next week for a total of 12 visits in 3 weeks! How exciting!

Śānti Matthews
Youth and Adult Education Coordinator