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In this week's eNews...

New opportunities keep popping up every day, so keep checking the CUCC Online Calendar.

July 2, 2020 edition
Thursday, July 2
Deacons ministry
“Inspired” book study

Friday, July 3
Retirees’ Café  - Bill hosts

Saturday, July 4
Faithfully Uncomfortable begins
Conversation & Meditation
BYC kickoff

Sunday, July 5 
Taizé worship and fellowship
Sunday Morning Bible Study - parables
All-ages, traditional worship & communion and fellowship
Caring Committee
BYC summer camp

Monday, July 6
BYC summer camp
Monday Lunch Group

Tuesday, July 7  
BYC summer camp
Office staff meeting
Website Team

Wednesday, July 8
BYC summer camp
Lectionary Lunch with Lacey
Choir practice
Carbon Neutral CUCC

Thursday, July 9
BYC summer camp
“Inspired” book study

Friday, July 10
Retirees’ Café – Bill hosts

Current COVID-19 needs in the community

Other important news in this edition

Faithfully Uncomfortable 21-day journey starts July 4 – sign up today
Retirees’ Café every Friday in July
Back by popular demand:  two more weeks of Conversation and Meditation
Bring bread and wine* for communion at 10:30 worship
Opportunity still open: Offer your story At Home with CUCC
Pray for our youth "at" summer camp starting Sunday
Drawn to cups of cold water?
Help provide groceries or meals for a friend in sanctuary in Raleigh
Life & Faith takes a vacation
Carbon Neutral CUCC – July 8
Free resources for you in COVID-time from the UCC

Deadline to submit information for the eNews is Wednesday, 9AM.  Send to and to (yes, both places), including the name and contact information of someone at CUCC who can answer questions about your event.