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Congratulations, Geri!

We celebrate Geri Bowen's career as an educator; Geri retired June 15 from the Wake County Public School System.  Geri most recently served as chair of the Media Department at Enloe High School where she worked for 17 years.  Always curious, Geri would dig into researching the story and getting the facts straight.  In addition to supporting students and teachers with resources, Geri's work spanned knowing copyright law, keeping AV equipment running, and completing the annual inventory (lots of stories there).  Geri lived out her strong commitment to making Enloe a good place to learn and to be for all students, especially those new to the US who found in the media center a safe and welcoming space in their new world.

Thank you, Geri, for your service to growing minds (including ours!).  Enjoy your retirement and keep those book recommendations coming.