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Everyone: Bring your hand prayer this Sunday

Trace your hand and
add your prayer for CUCC.
All CUCCers and those who love CUCC, we need your help for Lacey's installation (July 26).

Please bring to 10:30 worship a tracing of one of your  hands. Within the hand, write or draw your prayer for the congregation and where we, together with Lacey, are going in the future.   We will hold up our tracings for the "laying on of hands" as we covenant together with Lacey.

A few details:
- Trace one hand (either one) on something 8.5" x 11".  Use any kind or color of paper or fabric as long as it is that size.  Use any kind of pen/pencil/marker.
- Inscribe your written or drawn prayer INSIDE the hand.
- Bring your hand tracing to 10:30 worship on July 26.  We will tell you when to hold it up to your camera.
- Prepare an envelope addressed to:  Hands at Community UCC, 814 Dixie Trail, Raleigh, NC  27607.  AFTER worship on July 26, mail your hand to the office.  It is okay to fold it.

Questions?  Contact Jane Smith