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Youth Gathered on Church Grounds!

On Saturday, July 4, the CUCC youth who were registered for BYC summer youth camp gathered on the church grounds, with safe social distancing, to kick off our online camp week! We wore masks and used pool noodles to promote safe distancing. We sat in the shade, shared a check-in, and reviewed the camp schedule. Then walked to Cup a Joe on Hillsborough Street, chatting the whole way. We were grateful for the care Cup a Joe is taking in their safe practices. We each got a cold coffee or tea drink before walking back, sharing a blessing, and parting with boxes of supplies needed for our online camp.

Youth had several reflections in their review of the event:
1. We would do this again. It was worth it.
2. On a scale of 1-5 with 1 being not adhering at all and 5 being excellent adherence, we gave ourselves a 3.5-4 in terms of how carefully we practiced safe social distancing.
3. When we meet again we would like chairs available for outdoor seating.
4. When we meet again we would like access to bug spray.
5. When we meet again we would like it to be later in the day when it’s not so hot.
6. When we meet again we would like access to the building in the event that someone needs to use the restroom.

We share these reflections to celebrate our gathering and in hopes that Church Council will find it helpful to hear how gathering under their guidelines went for our youth, who are leading the way in so many ways - now and always!