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Last day to donate to honor Cally - July 12

When we did the church survey on ideas for a memorial for our former pastor, Rev. Cally Rogers-Witte, there was a wide range of responses indicating support of particular projects as well as intention to financially support one or more of the ideas.  Some of the congregation contributed directly to a special offering for Global Ministries, and a check has now been sent to the Conference.  Some of the ideas were not chosen due to lack of support, such as the stained/etched glass and sculpture.  The idea most supported by the congregation was the dedication of the narthex to Cally’s memory.  The rationale for this choice is that Cally’s welcoming and inclusive spirit permeated everything she did, and where better to honor her but in the entrance to the church!

If you intended to give toward whatever was selected, NOW is the time!  I am among those who waited so I will add my contribution, and I know several others who are now prepared to give.

You can give through Breeze (keyword:  Cally) or can mail a check to the church designating Cally Memorial on the memo line.

Once we see what we have to work with, we will move ahead.  Among the expenses anticipated are:
A plaque dedicating the narthex.  The plaque will include a photograph and a brief summary of Cally’s impact on CUCC.
A small sign dedicating the red maple tree that was planted in Cally’s honor.
A written description of Cally’s time at CUCC as well as her impact on the wider Church.  This will be part of the program for the dedication service as well as a stand-alone document to be made available in the narthex.
Professionally cleaning the oriental rug in the narthex.

If additional funds are available once these expenses are paid, there are additional ideas:
Assisting the family to come to the dedication service (Beth, Mary Ann and Frank’s families).
Landscaping the area around the red maple tree that has been planted at the end of the Wade Avenue  parking lot.
Providing any leftover funds to support Global Missions.

Donations will be accepted through July 12, 2020.

-submitted by Joan McAllister