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At the intersection of Life & Faith do you sometimes find loneliness?  I'm not talking about that rich experience of aloneness which offers time to reflect, heal, germinate.  I'm talking about that edgy/empty experience of longing for human connection and not finding it.

If you are seeking a time to carefully unwrap a layer of your loneliness in the sacred space of people who know loneliness, too, come to Life & Faith Tuesday, August 4, 7-8pm, on Zoom.  At Life & Faith we swap stories, ask ourselves questions, and honor the variety of answers that show up in community.

If you would like the Zoom information, contact convener Jane Smith

As always with Life & Faith, the topic above is what I propose as our August default, but if the group has something they would rather discuss, we'll do that instead.

Life & Faith is an informal and fluid gathering for anyone who shows up. As we sip our beverages of choice, we swap stories and questions about how we each are seeking to better connect what we believe with what we do day-to-day. Bring a friend.