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Pastor Lacey's Installation and new members joining - July 26

July 26 will be a day of great joy at CUCC.  We will welcome new members into the congregation and install Pastor Lacey as our senior minister.

One of the next steps on our journey together is to celebrate this new season of ministry through an installation. In the UCC, we have installations when a new minister is called to serve. The purpose of this installation is to install Pastor Lacey, celebrate the covenants we share with each other and the wider church, and provide an opportunity to reflect on who we are and a vision for our shared future. Pastor Lacey begins her ministry with us full of hope and possibility. It's time to celebrate!

The litany of installation will take place during our regularly scheduled worship service: Sunday, July 26 at 10:30am over Zoom. We will be joined by a representative of the Southern Conference and some of Pastor Lacey's mentors and friends. Please plan to attend to add your voice as we covenant together in ministry.