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Yes, they picked up the compost!

Aerobic bacteria love pizza boxes!
If you stopped by CUCC this week to drop off compost, you may have noticed the bin was filled to the very top. Wonderful!

Our compost is picked up every other Wednesday some time during the day, and a fresh, clean bin is delivered.  July 29 was pick up day, so there is lots of room for your next deposit.  You can drop off your compost any time during the week. The bin is outside in the CUCC courtyard.

We have added the pick up day to the CUCC Online Calendar in case you want to check before running errands.

If you have questions about what you can compost, check this list.

If you have questions about CUCC's industrial composting project, contact Gary Smith, chair of our Justice in a Changing Climate task force.

Thanks for the great work.  Let's keep those Aeri and his aerobic bacteria friends well fed.