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Post-election destress meditation at Monday Lunch Group - November 9

Do you feel like you need to destress after an election year the likes that no one has seen before?  Is there a need for you to refocus and  recharge?   Well, our Monday lunch group has just the thing for you.  

Monday Lunch Group invites all who are interested to a time of meditation.  Our very own Marty Lamb will lead us in meditative exercises that are sure to help us feel calmer and more relaxed.  This session will take place November 9 during Monday Lunch which starts at 12:00 noon and ends around 2:00.  

Generally, during Monday Lunch we have a time of prayer and a brief devotional before featured programs began.  Please watch for the Zoom link to join Monday Lunch in the Saturday Virtual Worship email for Saturday, November 7.  

Come and let us “breathe” and “destress” together

- submitted by Robert Parrish for Monday Lunch Group