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Last day to request your gingerbread house kit is November 27

Building your gingerbread house for the tour

Gingerbread House Tour - an Advent event
December 8, 5:15-6:00pm
on Zoom

Gingerbread House Kit order and tour entry deadline
November 27

Gingerbread House Kit pick up date
November 29, 5-6PM at the Advent Pop Up
CUCC grounds
(Drop off your blanket donation, put your turkey carcass in the compost, and bring an outside-safe ornament for the CUCC Christmas tree.  Wear your mask.)

Our Zoom tour of candy/cookie homes is December 8, so gingerbread house building runs now thru December 8.

Would you like to be on the tour of homes? Contact Susan Atkinson.  

Would you like a gingerbread house starter kit? Contact Susan A 
Deadline to get a kit and/or enter the tour to show off your creation is Nov 27. 

Pick up your kit at our in person Advent Pop Up on church grounds Nov 29 from 5-6pm. (More info on this special start to the advent season coming soon in the eNews AND check your actual mailbox!)

Gingerbread house FAQ with long answers for your inspiration

What will I need to make a gingerbread house?

1) A tray, plate or piece of cardboard for the house to sit on. This is also your yard!
2) Icing! Search the Google. Or contact Susan if you would like help with this very important part of the building process! 
3) A structure - will you make it or will you get a kit from Susan?

Does it have to be made of gingerbread?

My mom used to build a log cabin out of pretzel sticks. The yard had a fence of stacked stone caramels. Back in the day, our library gave all the kindergarteners milk cartons to wrap with graham crackers. We used to host a party where we gave each guest a small cardboard house we had glued together and 2 cups of icing each. Our friends sat on plastic on the floor with whatever candy they brought with them. Once covered with goodies, they were beautiful - the friends and the houses!
Feel free to make your own structure in any way that makes sense to you. Or, contact Susan Atkinson for a starter kit as a jumping off point for your creativity. 

Please suggest materials that work well for construction and decoration.

  • Graham Crackers can cover any small box - maybe an empty box from tea bags? Or cut down a cereal box?
  • Frosted Mini Wheats make for great snow covered roofing, especially when overlapped like shingles.
  • Red Hots make for great doorknobs and other finishing touches.
Check out the dollar store and perhaps your small friend’s lingering Halloween candy stash.

Enjoy bringing your dream candy/cookie/goodie home to life! Ask for help to get over any bumps in your process. 

To request a kit, sign up to be on the tour, or ask questions, contact Susan Atkinson at