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Make a donation to the discretionary fund, get a mask - a Christmas gift idea?

I am offering a promotional gift to encourage direct donations to the Pastor's Discretionary Fund.  Anyone who donates at least $50 to the CUCC Pastor's Discretionary Fund will receive a handmade, cloth face mask - form fitting, comfortable, washable, unique.  I will post pictures of available masks - people can choose from what is available.  I'll have 20 masks; first come, first serve.

Order your mask by emailing me at
Make your donation by mailing a check to CUCC with "mask" in the memo line.

Hopefully we will raise $1000 for the fund.  AND people will be able to keep or gift the mask!  What a deal!!

- Joan McAllister

A Christmas gift that says "I love you"
and also helps someone in financial need