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Last work day of 2020 got the job done!

An enthusiastic group of volunteers gathered on November 7 to ensure that our church buildings and grounds were in good shape for fall and winter.  

Our fearless leader consults with two willing workers.

Ivy was girdled (you can ask Doug Barrick about that), bushes trimmed, weeds pulled, woodwork washed, drains cleared and a ceiling patched and painted.  The Bryan-Berry Building was de-cluttered with room now available for ballroom dancing.  (Well, almost.)  Pine straw was blown off roofs, raked off the ground and dug out of gutters. Mulch was spread and new plants added to beautify our grounds.  All volunteers worked safely, keeping a 6’ distance or wearing masks when necessary.  

Work days will resume in March, but you can contact Property Ministry Chairperson Merrilee Jacobson (919-274-4539) to take on a project before then.