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Farm-to-Church CSA next steps December 10

Follow up on “What if CUCC joined a CSA connecting black farmers to local churches” that you first read about on September 13.  There are now about 10 churches committed!  The next step is on Thursday, December 10th at 5pm.   At that time, RAFI-USA staff, all congregations who are committed and interested, and a farmer from our Network will be (virtually) gathering to move forward in creating the Wake County Farm-to-Church CSA! Here, we'll focus on several things:

  • Offering a brief overview of what the Farm-to-Church Project is and how it's currently shaping up
  • Introducing and connecting all churches involved with one another, as well as with our farmer and RAFI-USA staff
  • Answering questions and clarifying some key details
  • Establishing a timeline for: full commitment, drafting the CSA purchase agreement(s), payment schedules, planting timeline, and share delivery logistics

Join us if you are interested.

Register here for the Zoom meeting.

For more information about this project or the meeting, contact Gary Smith