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Congregational meeting this Sunday, November 15

CUCC's Fall Congregational Meeting
Sunday, November 15
immediately following 10:30 worship
on Zoom (Zoom link in this Saturday's Zoom email)

Our primary purpose is an update on our stewardship campaign and budget and our nominating process.  We will also update you on our COVID-19 response.

Documents for our discussion are available in your Breeze profile in the "Useful documents" section.  Please review these before coming to the meeting.
  • Agenda for the meeting
  • Current budget vs. actual for 2020 (two tabs - operating and capital budgets)
  • Draft budget for 2021 - available Saturday
  • Draft minutes of June congregational meeting for approval

We would love to see you there... don't miss out!

Information about participating on Zoom

After worship concludes, Jane will begin admitting people for the congregational meeting.  Megan plans a 10 minute break immediately after worship for a leg stretch before beginning the meeting, probably around 11:40.  This is also a good time to locate the documents for discussion in your Breeze profile "Useful documents" section.

During the meeting if you wish to speak, Chat to Megan or Jane.  Megan will call on you and then Jane will invite you to unmute yourself.  Please mute yourself when you conclude your remarks.

When voting, Chat to Everyone.  Vote as follows:  Your name + Yes, No or Abstain.  Including your name allows each voting member sharing your device to vote.

If you are joining using a traditional phone, use *9 to raise your hand to be called on to speak or to vote.  Use *6 to mute or unmute yourself.  At the beginning of the meeting, Megan will ask those participating using a traditional phone to identify themselves so that we are sure to include you in discussions and votes.

We want to ensure that every member is able to participate fully in the meeting.  If you need assistance, contact Jane Smith or Megan Fackler Bretz by Saturday morning.